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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Eow poh,watcha doin

Eow poh,watcha doin

Hus ds?

Katrina santos,u?

san mu p0 nkuha nmbr q?


pkisg0t p0 tn0ng q..kc u jst startd txtng me e..san mu nkuha nmbr q?

D ko po alam,by d way im katrina santos,u

0k katrina,hirs wut ur g0nna d0..ur g0nna st0p txtng me na,kc i d0nt aprici8 rand0m pp0l bugging me,k?s0 jst STOP..

Ahm name u then,and fr?

did u jst hear me 0ut?cuz f u dd, den w0w..ur brain's g0t d pr0cesng p0wr 0f an imbecile..


if there's one thing i hate, it's people who don't know when to quit..

i mean, i already told this katrina character to stop texting me, tapos tuloy lang siya sa pagpasa sakin ng mga quotes at paulit ulit na tinatanong ako kung ano pangalan ko..

what irritated me the most was that my sleep was interrupted when my phone beeped.. and, yeah, because of her message..

and i would have said her brain has the processing power of a blender, but i figured she's more capable than that since she was able to use a cellphone..

early warning lang sa mga kumukuha ng numbers ko: pag di ko kayo kilala, don't even attempt to strike up a conversation with me thru sms.. believe me, you'd never want to see that ugly side of me..

teka, how sure am i na babae nga ito? geeez..

ayan, flood this number with rants, people.. please..


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