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Sunday, December 31, 2006

it's the year i lost a luh-hot of weight.. tried using slimming pills, and yet nothing happened.. turns out i just need to keep an eye on what i eat.. last summer i weighed at least 180 lbs., and just before the christmas break i clocked in at 145 lbs.. from an XXL to an L.. and no, i've got no plans of stopping.. the diet's still on 'til my love handles and man-boobs disappear..

it's the year i shifted courses.. i decided to stop kidding myself, face the fact that i'm really not built for Computer Engineering, and shift to Computer Science.. and since MapĂșa's not the best place to take up CS, i decided to change institutions.. not to mention, it's the year i transferred schools, to Informatics Computer Institute in Sampaloc.. i could not be any happier with my studies..

it's the year i made an enemy.. i normally don't have enemies [at least enemies i know of].. pero 2006 is the year one friend turned into one of the filthiest enemies i've ever had.. so, just remember that whenever i say "did a Rene", i mean talked behind my back, formed alliances with other unpleasant people, and blew things way out of proportion.. just a heads up.. *wink* on a much lighter note, it's the year i made tons of new friends.. new school and new dorm helped much..

most importantly, it's the year i matured a lot.. i learned to handle my time and finances appropriately.. i learned to be careful of what i say.. i learned to look out for myself and for the people around me..

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