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Saturday, December 09, 2006

yesterday was the center's christmas-cum-acquaintance party.. masaya naman.. pati napilitan akong sumali sa isang parlor game, 'Polo-Kissing Contest' name niya.. pero okay lang.. walang KJ! hehe..

pati nagulat ako kasi di ko in-expect na makakakuha ako ng award.. 'Most Promising Student for New Batch' daw kuno.. but why?

uy, pero partida, antagal ko nang inde nakatanggap ng award.. weird nga lang talaga kasi usually you get an award for something good that you did.. pero sakin, impression lang ata talaga ang naging basis nila.. anyway, thankful narin ako na may award ako.. hehe..

at nag-overnight kami kina sandy! mejo close na rin kami ng mga second years.. bonding session, walang tulugan!


sh_t, i still can't get over the fact that Yvan didn't make it to the top 6..

kahit na he reminds me of some irritating songer na gifted din sa chin department, you can't deny the fact that he's one of the best talents in PDA.. for that, he undoubtedly deserves the slot in the top 6.. no, not ronnie nor chad.. it's yvan who deserves to join the PDA world tour..

well, ang consolation nalang sakin, wala na si rosita..

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