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Monday, January 01, 2007

i feel like my brain has been emptied of the little wit it had..

writing's been tougher than usual.. usually takes me a long time to come up with a single sentence.. plus, my brain seems to have lost its thesaurus.. geez, i can't even compose a decent blog entry to save my life..

not only that, it's like everything i do recently are only for temporary highs.. i try to enhance my mental being, and yet nothing sinks in.. it's like, in one ear, pretend processing, out the other.. ugh, who am i kidding?

i need help.. fast..

what a way to start the year.. sheesh..


anyway, my seven resolutions for '07 are (1) practice better time management, (2) practice better money management, (3) more focus on studies, (4) get a [part-time] job, (5) be tougher in facing life, (6) lose more weight, & (7) start going to the gym..


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