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Monday, March 20, 2006

britney's statement has so many levels.. her first doctrine somehow came true.. will she be right this time?
let go of your heart.. follow your instincts.. take control of it, or it might take control of you..

She's The Man has so many levels.. i wouldn't normally say that i can relate to that movie, but i do.. i really, really do.. i just don't know why..

the word arcane has so many levels.. it explains my personality.. it explains my taste.. it explains my friends..

the song where are you has so many levels.. don't ask.. i won't tell..

so many levels, so little wiggle room.. frustrates me even more..


tae, hindi pa ngayon yung exam nung scholarship sa japan.. sa june pa pala.. ba yan!

tapos, the exam will put a lot of emphasis on nihonggo fluency.. tapos i have to take proficiency exams on two sciences.. paano na yun? i'll be spending the one-month vacation attempting to learn a foreign language.. not to mention brushing up on physics and chemistry..

so much for a vacation.. pfft..

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