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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

yesterday, I had a little chat with my tito in California.. he said that most probably we'd be out of the Philippines before the year ends.. why so soon? mami-miss ko ang pinas..

besides, I didn't get my hopes up too much.. I've heard them say that a lot of times before, and somehow we're still here.. pero my tito showed me proof that we'd actually be leaving soon: he showed me the online VISA bulletin of the US embassy.. he talked a lot about us being petitioned in august of 91, and that we were classified under 3rd priority.. since the queue has already started going through those petitioned in 1991, malapit na daw kami.. sana lang totoo na ito..

tapos, we also talked about which university they'd send me off to.. I previously expressed my desire to study in CalTech or MIT.. pero, after learning that studying in either will cost us $50k a year, I'd rather study in UCLA or UC Berkeley nalang, at $5k per year..

then why the hell am i wasting my time here studying? joke lang..

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