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Friday, June 30, 2006

my life is soooo f_cked up right now..

what started as an academically-excellent term is rapidly turning into this quarter sent from the fiery depths of hell.. t_ngina, i thought i was doing well with schoolwork, only to be given a reality check upon realizing how low my end-of-term marks are.. and to think i even thought i'd get a scholarship this term.. ugh..

plus, i'm soooo unprepared to leave my dorm.. i love it here, and yet i have no choice but to move-out.. now i'm forced to transfer to another dorm.. and after a couple of months of searching, i have to settle in one that has toilets that don't flush.. *wails*

not to mention my mom's sudden loss of trust in me.. dunno what's gotten into her.. and now she insists that she pay for my tuition herself.. what's up with that?

good god, help me with this dilemma..

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Monday, June 26, 2006

i'm sorry to say this, Raine, pero that's one birthday gift you won't get from me..

i won't provoke him.. i won't start any fights.. heck, i won't even bring it up..

i just don't like the idea of having to compromise when i'm not the one who's at fault.. no, i won't stoop down to that level.. for once i'm going to stand up for myself.. i'm not going to take all the blame for this.. i'm sick and tired of all that sh_t..

only when i receive his concession will your wish be granted..

if only you knew how that incident hit me deep down.. geez, i haven't felt pain, anguish and regret like that in years..

and by the way, only when you two have mustered enough courage to tell me everything you know will i reveal to you who the true Monarch really is.. to hell with him, he doesn't have the right to just assume at ipagduldulan sa pagmumukha ko yun! and that goes for everyone i know as well!

and please, wag kang maiyak dahil samin.. really, it's not worth crying over.. really really.. pati, naaawa ako sa iyo, e.. tuloy, naluluha rin tuloy ako.. T__T


wondering what the hell i'm blabberin' about? maybe you'll find out soon enough..

ayun lang po.. ^__^ [tangina, nakuha pang magbiro sa ganitong sitwasyon.. hehe..]

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

a lot of things [damn you!] pissed me off today.. the wierd thing is that when i passed by the lobby, they all seemed to notice.. at talagang tumalikod pa si ate jo para makita akong galit..

and, as i was bloghoppin', i stumbled across this:

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

it managed to make me smile.. definitely my kind of humor..

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Monday, June 19, 2006

i can understand why you act that way.. i just don't see why you have to..

i'll let you tell others your side of the story.. i'll just keep things to myself.. i'll just absorb all of your blows and not retaliate..

i'm doing all this so that i can at least preserve what's left of our friendship..

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

i swore i would never return to that place ever again, and yet i did.. well, my spider senses told me to.. it's a good thing i did..

see, the moment those elevator doors opened, there stood my crush.. sayang nga lang kasi i was on my way out of the elevator.. i didn't even stay kasi, for starters, may kasama siya.. plus, it would look very wierd not getting out on the last floor..

what makes it all worth it is that our eyes made contact.. even if it only lasted for only a split-second, it's enough to keep me high 'til the next time na makita ko siya..


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Friday, June 02, 2006

just came back from our school outing.. it was a good day.. it was in a resort in Lipa, pero didn't swim.. nahihiya pa ako sa katawan ko, e.. hehe.. so i just granted my given role as the official group photographer.. the stifling heat, which i had to endure while i followed my friends around as they transferred from one pool to another, gave me a mild sunburn.. well, at least i got a great view of my crushes.. UBER-HOT! w0000t! haha..


i find the gym here in intramuros intimidating, so i'm putting off the idea of bodybuilding for a while.. so, i just bought a new set of diet pills.. got it from the same drug store where i got my banig of Zhen De Shou.. the clerk suggested this pill named Goodliness.. i just hope it's effective, unlike its name.. *gags*

anyway, i'm gonna start taking it tomorrow.. sana lang this time i'm not allergic to this one.. ^__^


this made my day: Grammatical Errors That Make You Cringe

this one post made me laugh hysterically.. well, in my mind, at least.. the most i can blurb out when i'm alone is a chuckle..

Buy 2 pant, get one pant free.


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Thursday, June 01, 2006

i once considered entering the call-center industry as a part-time agent.. pero i scrapped it off my list the moment i realized it would be very taxing to commute all the way to work and come back too exhausted to accomplish school stuff..

just the other day i realized the perfect job for me.. when a friend and i went to Starbucks Intramuros, there was this girl who asked for an application form, since she wanted to work there..

it struck me as my perfect part-time job! it's close to my dorm, the work hours are not that long, the pay's pretty good, i get to practice my english and my accent, and i even get a daily food allowance [for the employees to get their daily fix of biscottis and frappes]..

i'll get a form first thing on saturday.. part-time employment here i come! w0000t!

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