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Friday, September 30, 2005

bakit ganon? pag may pasok, gusto ko nang mag-bakasyon.. pero ngayong walang pasok, mas gugustuhin kong mag-simula na ang klase dahil sa sobrang pagkabagot..

di na bale.. konting tiis nalang.. sa simula, mapapawi na ang uhaw ko..


Lord, maraming salamat sa scholarship.. napakalaking tulong po nun sa pamilya ko, not to mention my self-esteem..

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

remember the sked i posted earlier? that's my final sked na..

after the trip, i just left my things at my dorm and went straight to school..

and now, i'm dead tired.. so, imma take a looooong sleep na..



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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

i just realized that i posted 5 entries yesterday..

i just realized that i missed the live premiere of TAR8 early today..

i just realized that i just may not catch tonight's replay kasi i still have a lot of things to do..

i just realized that i'll be leaving for manila later tonight..

i just realized i wasted my 8-day stay here in Bayombong..

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

lo and behold, my sked for next term:

most likely, this will be my final sked..

ngayon ko lang talaga na-realize na i can't always get the perfect schedule.. pag major subjects na pala, pahirapan na palang kumuha ng subjects..

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nampucha.. bukas pa pala kami aalis..

kala ko kasi bukas na ang enrolment namin, so it follows na mamaya na ang alis namin..

turns out, mali ako..

sana wala akong napagsabihang iba.. baka sila rin, naapektuhan..

ugh.. being trapped in a house for long periods of time certainly distorts your body clock bad..

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later tonight, i'd set off for manila na..

mami-miss ko rin ang bayombong, kahit nakakabagot dito..

isang linggo kong tiniis ang pagligo gamit ang balde at tabo [kasi sanay na akong gumamit ng shower]..

isang linggo kong tiniis ang mabagal, pero libre, na internet connection [kasi mas mabilis sa dorm, e]..

isang linggo rin akong hindi lumabas ng bahay [except nung nag-rent kami ng VCD at {next item}]..

at, sa tinatagal-tagal na panahon, nung sunday lang ako ulit nagsimba..

haaaay.. in manila, i live by my rules.. here, i live by theirs.. i had to deal with it..

mami-miss ko talaga itong bayombong!

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my sked? an early warning: it ain't pretty..

see, i get to go to school for only 3 days, but each school day has, like, 12 hours each.. tough sked, eh?

i would have my COE253 and my COE251L subjects advanced next term.. geez, three labs?! the agony..

if all goes well, this should be my schedule for next term.. [i haven't included my sections for Logic kasi hindi ko na napapa-advance, e, so di ko pa alam.. ^__^ ]

> COE223 [Computer Programming 1: Lecture]
>> {A2} - MWF 0900-1030 hrs
> CUXFUN [Fundamentals Of Unix]
>> {A} - MWF 1030-1200 hrs
> COE221L [Computer Programming 1: Laboratory]
>> {B1} - M 1200-1630 hrs
> EE511L [Network Analysis 1: Laboratory]
>> {B7} - W 1200-1630 hrs
> COE251L [Logic Circuits & Switching Theory 1: Laboratory]
>> {ala pa} F 1200-1630 hrs
> EE513 [Network Analysis 1: Lecture]
>> {C10} - MWF 1630-1800 hrs
> COE253 [Logic Circuits & Switching Theory 1: Lecture]
>> {ala pa} MWF 1800-1930 hrs
> MSEG013 [Fundamentals of Materials Science & Engineering]
>> {C2} - MWF 1930-2100 hrs

if the guys at the encoding room won't let me advance those two subjects, then i have no choice but to advance ECE543 [Advanced Engineering Mathematics] {C11} (MWF 1800-1930 hrs)...

can i make it? can i get through this ordeal? imagine studying in this kind of schedule.. the horror..

i'm gonna die young.. T__T

P.S. sa mga mapúans jan, kung may mga common courses tayo, would you be my classmate? o kaya naman, inform me nalang kung ano section ninyo.. maybe i could make some adjustments.. *wink wink*

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for once, i've proven britney true..

she said that, if you want something to come true, just throw it out into the universe.. and if you are in the right place and in the right time, you might just get it..

now, i don't strictly follow everything she says, nor do i do anything she asks us fans to do.. it's just that, i may have unconsciously done what she said, and now i got it! i have experienced the fruit of the hardwork.. [hehe.. as if i worked hard this term.. maybe i did, pero not that hard..]

i always say it.. and now, i got what i want..

maybe i'll do it again this term.. pero, maybe i'll put more effort on my studies this time.. and sana, i'll get it again..

just hope the universe doesn't get tried of me throwing things at it.. baka hindi na niya ibigay sakin ang scho.. *wink wink*

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

nag-'drop-the-lowest' quiz na nga kami, and yet 1.75 lang ako?!


Monarch's new episode aired 11:45 PM..

just saw my grades last night..

i never expected that i'd get one..

sana i'll get another one next term..

thank God..

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

i don't know what to do..

i'm so confused..

should i tell?

is it the right time?

i think it isn't, but i've been itching to..

this is all so confusing..

i need guidance, but whom shall ask guidance from?

i don't know anybody who i can talk to about this.. not of this matter, at least..

i feel so weak..


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Friday, September 23, 2005

i finished having my exams earlier than most mapúans.. besides, what do you expect if you just have 10 units?

my Discrete Math Finals last Monday was a load of bullcrap.. the nerve of Llorente to tell us that most of the items in the departmental exam were taken from our long tests, when there was not one item that turned up! i swear, if he's the reason why i don't get a scholarship, i'll sue him.. this also serves as a lesson to all other mapúans: if on the first day you learn that Llorente is you prof, it's either you change sections, or you drop the subject.. take my word for it..

i finished the Discrete Math exam in just an hour.. that means i still have an hour to review for my Data Structures Finals.. my friend and i just waited outside our room, kasi our exam's at noon pa..

when it was noon na, we were wondering where our friends and classmates were, kasi noone turned up e.. so, we double-checked our exam room.. tama naman, so we asked our prof.. turns out, the exam's not until 1:00 pm.. so, pumunta muna kami sa tambayan.. leche..

the Data Structures Finals wasn't that bad.. forgot to clarify some confusing concepts, pero okay naman..

my next exam wasn't until 5:00 pm the next day.. bummer..

i should've reviewed more for my Differential Equations exam, kasi andami kong inde nasagutan, just because i forgot to memorize the integrating formulas.. peste..


sana lang talaga makakuha ako ng scho ngayon.. imagine, 20k ang matitipid ko pag full scholar ako.. sayang din yun!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

andito na ako sa bayombong.. gonna be here 'til the 27th, kasi our enrolment for the next term will be on the 28th..

just came from the long travel, and yet i'm here, surfing.. hindi pa pagod.. harhar..

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

last term, i swore i beat the crap out of him.. i'd like to show him he's not the best at everyting, especially his 'field of expertise'..

kanina, we just had a 'drop-the-lowest' quiz.. i'm very optimistic in getting a 1.50, at least, as long as i get most of the questions in the departmental exam right..

sana nga i will.. then, i've really proven to him that i'm a worthy opponent..

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mahirap ang magmahal kung hindi niya alam na mahal mo siya..

pero mas mahirap palang magmahal kung hindi ka kilala ng minamahal mo..

posible bang ma-in-love kung hindi pa kayo nag-uusap, hanggang pa-tango-tango lang? kung oo, e di much more so kung hindi pa kayo nagkikita ng personal..

saklap naman ng buhay ko..

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

britney has given birth already! i'm soooo happy for her!

they've been favoring Preston Michael Spears Federline for a boy's name.. hope they do pick it.. it gives the baby a sense of sassyness and sophistication..

upon leaving, go forth and spread the good news that is britney and her baby boy!

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Monday, September 12, 2005

i had the most wonderful dream last night.. call me cheesy, call me corny, but this has got to be one of the best dreams i've had in my entire life.. the experience is so exhilirating!

i was starring in this teleserye with Bea Alonzo [i can't recall the rest of the cast, though..], although this didn't occur to me while i was dreaming kasi there weren't any cameras or sets, e.. everything was very spontaneous..

i can't remember much of the story, either [damn my short-term memory loss].. but i do remember that i was always with Bea, like i was her best friend or something.. all was going well, everything was going smoothly, the story was getting more and more compelling.. then, we reached the elevator.. someone called out Bea's character's name, we both turned around, and there was this guy who approached us.. the moment their eyes met, everything went slow-mo.. then, out of nowhere, the song Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin of Ella Mae Saison burst everywhere [imagine being startled by the sound of an orchestra, with Ella Mae starting the song with 'At kung hindi ngayon ang panahon..']..

at that moment, i was fully aware that i was in a teleserye.. weird..
apparently, the guy was her lover.. i can't remember his face, though.. but i have this strong feeling that it's John Lloyd..

just when things were getting better, Franz woke me up.. dammit..

waaaa.. can dreams get cornier than this?!

time for our MatLab finals na..

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i can't believe it..

i bookmarked this person ages ago, having fantasies that we would meet.. the thing is, i had no idea we already met.. it was only kanina that i realized we already did, the moment i saw my bookmarked people list..

geez, what are the odds?

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

just came from an exam, an exam we didn't even know we will have..

we were supposed to have just a make-up class later today, but it ended up being our exam period.. Mam Santos is going somewhere on saturday and the next one, so we really need to finish all our lectures in time for our finals..

so, basically, the questions in our data structures test came from the topic on trees and heaps.. okay lang naman, pero the exam was hell long!

sana naman mataas makuha ko dito.. i really, really need a scholarship.. T__T

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

was supposed to sit in in one of Mam Santos' Discrete Math classes.. dati, i refuse to kasi nahihiya akong pumasok whenever she races me to class first, pero i deliberately left out today's class.. kasi i want to catch the NCAA Cheerdance on Studio 23, e..

sayang.. mapúa didn't win this year's championship.. what's worse is that they aren't even in the top three..

word from my friend's that the cheerping cardinals only began formulating their routines last week, whereas the other teams started like three months ahead of us..

dunno 'bout you guys, but i think that serves them right.. lumaki siguro ulo nila.. just because they won last year's cup doesn't mean they should slack off, not think through it thoroughly, and expect them to end up winning..

and maybe next year, they can learn from their mistakes.. maybe they can even reclaim the trophy and prove to the world they really deserve the title..

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

bought myself a brand new calculator kanina..

lost mine ages ago.. someone borrowed it, and never bothered to return it.. and stupid me forgot who i lent it to..

i was having second thoughts on buying a new one, pero i really need one na, e.. then my next problem is, what model i should buy: one like the one i lost, or a programmable one? it suddenly struck me: i can't buy a programmable one, kasi it's not allowed in board exams, and what if my prof saw it and knew it was a programmable one? baka naman s/he wouldn't let me use it during exams.. sayang lang ang calcu ko.. so i ended up buying an upgraded version of my previous calcu!

i'm satisfied with my new calculator, though.. you know casio's new natural display series? got the best model there is.. i love my fx991ES!

thing is, my mom refused to give me money to buy a new one.. at first, i was infuriated, kasi i use one everyday, and i don't have one to use.. but when i have thought it through, it became fine to me, kasi naman, it was my fault why it got lost, pati naaawa ako sa folks ko kasi we have a lot of more important things to allot money for.. so, my budget got a bit stricter..

omg.. then what the hell am i doin' surfin?! gtg!

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Monday, September 05, 2005

'twas my bro's birthday yesterday.. texted him twice, and not once did i get a reply.. oh well..

since we're on the subject of birthdays, might as well note that mine's 52 days from today.. yeah, i keep track of it, too.. tapos, ate hyacinth and roxanne had their's din pala yesterday.. greeted ate, pero i don't have rox's number, so..

started my strict budget regimen today, and i'm shattered to say that i failed, and miserably at that.. T___T

also started trimming down my food intake.. like, i cut back to one cup of rice instead of two.. i'll be in noticably better shape in no time..

ate hya treated kuya bjorn and me to Dencio's at Rob's Place Manila.. the food's great, pero definitely had too much, kasi all of a sudden i can't tuck my tummy na..

and to top all those off, while we were waiting for the pizza ate hya ordered to take out, a man and his two girlmates queued to order, but the thing was, noone was attending the cashier.. the man looked around, saw me and stared for the longest time.. as i was trying hard not to look back, he approached asked me something, in nipponggo.. i was speechless, dumbfounded at least.. his girlmates quickly told him i wasn't what he thinks i was, as i slowly turned back to my group and pretended nothing happened..

yeah, nothing could beat that..

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Friday, September 02, 2005

geez.. thank god she's alive..

it's tintin.. na-hold-up siya kanina.. it's a good thing na she brought her tear gas.. at mabuti't she reacted to the situation properly, at hindi siya nag-panic or something.. kundi, tiyak na natuluyan na siya.. the funny thing is, it's been a long, LONG time since she last brought it.. god is good talaga.. he works in mysterious ways, and it's a good thing he made tintin bring her tear gas today..

last thing.. divina, in behalf of all the people who love and care for tintin, maraming, maraming salamat sa pagbigay mo sa kaniya nung tear gas..

it's been a good day.. a very good day at that..

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

these past few days, i've been experiencing frequent spells of dizziness..

is it because i've just had a drastic change in food intake? been trying to trim down the amount of food i'm taking, e.. para naman pumayat-payat kahit papano..

or is it because i've started wearing my glasses always? kasi dati i just wear them going to school.. ngayon, palagi na.. as in, di na ako sanay without them..

or is it because i've often deprived myself of sleep? doubtin' it, kasi i've had lots of sleep lately, e..

sana lang it would stop na.. can't take it na kasi, e..

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