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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

i hate the fact that Mr. Noble is back.. he mumbles a lot! he sounds like a bulol Texan talakera..

i miss Mr. Rulloda.. /sob


Chicken Little rocks! now, my favorite movie character is 'Fish out of Water'! Dory is now next to Fish..


now i'm really loaded with schoolwork.. sobra.. i've postponed and postponed, and yet the procrastinator in me just wouldn't stop..

now, it has already taken its toll on me.. the term's about to end, that means i now have to rush all my duties just to pass my courses..

take tonight, for example.. hindi ako matutulog.. i'll do all my lab reports in LogicLab, and finish our prototype using Multisim..

just hope i could get multisim to work.. wish me luck!

now all i have to do is buy lots of sachets of coffee.. i could really use a lot tonight..

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

last night, i texted my mom.. i asked her if i could work in a call center next year..

good thing pumayag siya.. i'm really, really looking forward to it!


last sunday, my org held a deliberation..

good thing pasado ako..

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

geez, sooobrang hirap magbenta ng tickets! first, the popularity tickets for tintin, and now i have raffle tickets from HSM..

care to buy some? it would be a LOT of help..


speaking of tintin, here is the logo for the upcoming ee-ece-coe night:

Image hosted by

bili na ng tickets, bilis! P450 may sound much, pero sobrang sulit na daw ng pera natin kapag um-attend tayo jan..


IE night ngayon..

sana manalo siya..

*wink wink*


these past few days, i've been getting comments that i've lost weight..

if what they are saying is true, then that no-eating-after-six regimen seems to work for me..

sana lang..

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Friday, November 25, 2005

today's post is all about talking behind someone's back.. early warning for you guys: this ain't gonna be pretty..


thursday last week, i had an interview for my org.. to cut things short [details in a later post], i broke down in front of them all..

after that interview, i did not want to go tambay in our table.. when i finished putting myself together, i resumed tambay-ing..

several days later, my friends asked me about what happened.. since they were close to me, applicants in the same org, and trustworthy enough to tell things to, i relayed what really happened and why it happened.. then they come making sumbong to me..

may mga lecheng pinagkakalat na umiyak ako.. it's not really a big deal if it's a day or two after the incident, pero when it's days later and still the talk of the org, most especially when you have no idea that it's what they're talking about, something is definitely not right..

leche ka.. wala ka nang nagawang matino.. gawan ba naman ng issue ang matagal nang natapos.. karmahin ka sana..


just this week, my friend told me about an incident she had with her ex..

as she went to our tambayan, she suddenly realized that her ex was there, and that they were talking about her.. nevermind the details [kasi i know he's reading and that he knows all there is to know], pero the thing is, kailangan pa ba niyang ipagkalat yung nangyari daw sa kanila?

leche ka.. ka-lalaki mong tao, daig mo pa ang mga tsismosang bakla at mga iskandalosang babae kung gumawa ng issue at magkalat ng tsismis! mahiya ka naman sa sarili mo!


yesterday, we were reading our org logbook.. in it, any applicant or member can write anything and everything that they want..

there, we saw two full pages, all written by the same friend's ex.. kung ano-ano ang mga nakasulat na kabalbalan dun.. pawang kasinungalingan.. although not all written there may be for her, still, yung mga tungkol sa kanila, and there, parang pinapalabas niya na siya yung kaawa-awa, na siya yung walang kasalanan, na siya yung naapi..

pakshet ka! alam mo na may nangyari.. you took it all the wrong way, e.. most likely hindi mo alam kung ano ang mismong rason kung bakit hindi na kayo ngayon, pero alam mong may nangyaring di kanais-nais.. pasalamat ka pa nga, pinagbigyan ka pa niya, at asa ka pang may mangyayari pa sa inyo!


this afternoon, nagkwentuhan ulit kaming magkakaibigan.. the same friend as before was very angry kanina, all because of the text messages he sent to her..

it would be pointless to put it all in here, pero, simply put, what should have been a very simple 'mistake' he made that she only corrected turned into full-fledged text war.. we read all the messages, and all i can say is that he was just trying to find an opportunity to vent all his frustrations about their break-up on her...

i pity you.. you could only rarely find an opportunity, and yet you don't play your cards right.. you should go see a psychiatrist or something..


this evening naman, there were three of us in the org table talking about him.. i know na pinagkakalat niya sa org his side of the story, and it's quite irritating kasi most of it is a lie.. so, i find an opportunity to tell somebody what really happened [not sobra that they know everything.. just enough for them to know that everything he's trying to pull is a lie..], and how we feel about what he's doing.. and then suddenly, here he comes, prancing like King Kong upon first seeing the city.. we kept hush-hush about it, waiting for him to go away.. but, noooo.. he's like a mite on a dog.. he should have went back to his concert..

i don't care kung mabasa mo man ito.. mabuti na rin at malaman mo kung ano ang nararamdaman namin sa ginagawa mo sa kanya.. and if we find out that you keep on bashing her and ruining her image, we'll make sure we'll get even..

kung ayaw mong lumabas ang totoong nangyari, tumahimik ka na lang, at huwag mo nang ituloy pa ang mga binabalak mong paninira..


i'll be waiting for what you have to say.. oh wait..

we will be waiting..

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

shet, kaya pala hindi na sila.. manyak pala siya..

good choice, girl.. you don't deserve someone like him..

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

minsan mo na nga lang sasabihin sa ibang tao kung sino yung crush mo, bigla mo na lang malalaman na ex pala niya yun.. yikes!

pero it's not as bad as it sounds.. he's a cool guy, sobra.. and the wierd thing is, he was the one who keeps insisting that i ask about things that happened when they were still together.. i find it amusing that he doesn't even find it awkward talking about it..

and, thanks to him, i found out that she's a candidate in their school pageant..

gusto ko tuloy pumunta sa school night nila!

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Monday, November 21, 2005

geez, can you be more insensitive?!

call me shallow, but i really hate people who use other people's perishable commodities for their own consumption, not only without having asking the owner's permission, but not even minding if there's still enough for the him!

the other day, as i was just about to take a bath, i realized i didn't have anough soap to get me through my bath..

plus, they always rely on me for their toothgel..

i'm not really this maangal, pero enough is enough na talaga..

sana lang they become more sensitive to others' feelings..

haaaay.. sana lang it'll happen soon.. i'm quickly running out of patience, e..

i'll post subliminal messages on my desk.. hope they get the picture.. wish me luck!

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Friday, November 18, 2005

for all MapĂșa and Pisay peepz out there, a very important announcement!

guys, let us support {Ms. Kristine Ann Lozada}, the representative of {JPCS-MIT} and {DOST-ASM}, on the upcoming EE-ECE-COE Night dubbed {Mystique}..

she needs our help.. see, the pageant has her selling P5000 worth of popularity tickets just to meet her quota, plus the amount of tickets she sells will be part of her total score.. each ticket costs 99centavos each, so you get to save a peso for every 100 tickets you buy! what an incredible offer! [geez, the exaggerated salesman in me is swelling with pride.. hehe..]

also, she needs to sell at least ten Mystique admission passes, and each ticket is worth P450.. now, i know that seems too much for a night's worth of 'fun', but look at its perks.. you get an admission pass, a buffet meal, a souvenir, live bands & DJs, a surprise gift, and a raffle ticket.. plus, the events gonna be held at the newly-opened {Music Factory} in Remedios, Manila.. great deal, eh?

if ever you're interested in buying either Popularity Tickets or Admission Passes, just PM me, text TinTin, or just drop by the JPCS tambayan..

your purchase will mean so much to her..

a million thanks in advance!

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

i'm waay off schedule.. see, i'm supposed to do all my schoolwork today, and yet i haven't..

so tomorrow, maghahabol nanaman ako..

haaaay monsy.. ano ang nangyari sayo?!

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Friday, November 11, 2005

already started making tambay sa table ng Honor Society of MapĂșa.. and i just, like, noticed that, like, i'm making conyo na right now.. hehe..

i like it there.. you can do your schoolwork without being disrupted.. the people there are fun to be with [although there are those token weirdoes and busybodies].. their logbook is much, much more orderly than JPCS's..

pero i will love both orgs equally.. that is, if i get accepted..


shet.. sobrang kinakabahan na ako dun sa interview ko sa JPCS..

they told me to where multiple layers of shorts.. what for?

they told me to bring a large hanky? what for?

they told me to learn how to do acrobatics.. what for?

they told me to prepare myself for a sobfest.. whaaa-hat?

parang ayaw ko na..


i'm in grave danger.. sooooobrang baba ng score ko in our second quiz in Logic.. not that we received it already.. let's just say mam ontimare hust gave us very strong hints..

do i really deserve to join HSM? what kind of honor will i bring the org?

i loathe myself..

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

they say there's a first time for everything..

well, we had our 2nd quiz in Logic yesterday, and i screwed up in a LOT of items..

it will definitely be my first time to score nothing on a long exam..

sadness cloaks me..

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Monday, November 07, 2005

i simply love november.. the time of the year where there are TONS of new releases..

i wasn't expecting any new albums from them, but somehow, tATu and Sean Paul managed to release new material.. i loved tATu's debut album, as their songs of love have electropop/dance beats, and i'm a sucker for those kinds of songs.. Sean Paul's debut was soooo hot, and his new album's carrier single is even hotter! these albums are already available in the market..

not to mention Britney's new remix LP entitled B in the Mix: The Remixes, out 22 November..

pity, i have a lot of things to spend on, leaving me with no money to purchase these CDs [maybe except for Britney's LP].. thank God for torrents! hehe..

*wink wink*

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

got the chance to visit my guakong yesterday.. it was a very exhilirating experience..

it has been eight years since i've been to the cemetery.. when we were kids, we used to visit our mother's dad in the chinese cemetery.. all of our titos and titas here in pinas would go with us and we would all go together to pay respect to our lolo..

sayang.. that tradition has long been forgotten.. my family's moved out to the province.. some relatives did the same thing, while many of them already migrated to the states..

the other day my mom asked me to accompany her.. i was hesitant at first, but later on agreed, since i miss having to go to visit guakong every undas.. plus, she threatened she'd tell guakong to haunt me in bed if i didn't go.. hehe..

it was a very refreshing experience.. i got to paste these banderitas made of papel-de-hapon around the tomb, that represents celebration [of the dead's life or death, i don't know].. while i was busy pasting, my mom was busy offering some food to the tho thi kong, the chinese equivalent of a saint, while burning supposed saint money [manila paper with silver streaks in the middle, with a veeeeeery thin layer of what i think is rugby to make it look like gold] as an offering.. then, i got to burn spirit money [like the saint money, only without the slush of rugby], this time, for our dead relatives.. i als got to pray for them, with matching slight incense burning..

i really missed doing all those things.. only, this time, it was just me and my mom.. yes, very lonely..

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