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Monday, February 27, 2006

i received this weird text message last night:

january 22: pacquiao's victory
13 days later, february 4: ultra stampede
13 days later, february 17: leyte landslide
13 days later, march 2: ? ? ?
pls pray..

mga conspiracy theorists talaga, o..

kung totoo man, what could happen in march 2? a catastrophic earthquake? the declaration of martial law? arroyo's downfall? the apocalypse? pati what could have led to this string of bad events? i could only imagine arroyo making a deal with the devil for pacquiao to achieve victory in exchange for the lives of many.. another ground for her impeachment, perhaps?

i do hope you sense the sarcasm in my post..

anyway, since i did not like the way the message sounds, i edited it to look like this:

january 22: pacquiao's victory
13 days later, february 4: ultra stampede
13 days later, february 17: leyte landslide
13 days later, march 2: ???
pray nothing happens..

playing a bit too safe, don't you think?

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

gusto ko nang mag-shift!

computer engineering [CoE] isn’t what i thought it would be.. or maybe i expected too much from my program or my school.. i don't hear seniors talking about doing what computer technicians do, like troubleshooting hardware & software, seeing if there are any burnt or dirty computer parts, or fixing the OS if something's not working..

sana nag-CS, IM o IT nalang ako.. at least there lies my true passion: programming, web design, multimedia, mobile technology, etc..

sana nag-Accounting nalang ako.. actually, a lot of us in high school got scholarships in UE if we would be part of the pioneer batch of their CS-Accounting double degree.. sana kinuha ko nalang yun.. free airconditioned dorm a block away from the campus, free internet, free tuition & miscellaneous fees, book allowance, uniform allowance, transportation allowance, access to their massive collection of international journals.. haay, sayang yun..

sana nag-Statistics nalang ako.. math din lang naman yun.. i'm sure it's harder that accounting math but deifinitely less complex than engineering math.. tapos, sabi ng HS prof ko, madali daw yumaman dun..

sana nag-Journalism nalang ako.. i mean, i may not be that good, pero kahit papaano i know i could be better.. hindi kasi masyadong ginagamit ang writing skills sa engineering [expect sa paggawa ng sandamakmak na lab reports], plus my brain's not working as efficiently as before.. plus, when we graduated high school, we were required to take science-related [minus medical] courses in college, else they blacklist us in every embassy so that we couldn't get out of the country, and that we pay them Php.100k per year that we studied there.. tae, mag science course ka nalang..

sana nag-MassCom nalang ako.. like ko rin pala yung mga ginagawa dun.. pati pang behind-the-scenes lang naman, so wala lang yung stage fright thing ko..

sana nag-Psychology nalang ako.. i got interested in the field of psychology.. but then i found out that what i wanted to do was in AB Psych, not BS Psych.. t_ngina..

i feel my world is closing in on me..

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

my alma mater is facing a very serious issue right now..

it is the death of a first year student in the Cagayan Valley campus.. even though i don't know the girl personally, i feel saddened of what happened..

the girl, K-Ann [not to be confused with Kristine Ann Lozada, ha?! paging Jacs.. hehe..], fell off a cliff, then crashed into a pool at the foot of the mountain/hill.. sounds unbelieveable, right? of all the different ways you can die, ganito pa e, no? di pa nakuntento, combo pa! gory..

she was brought to the hospital at around 3pm yesterday, DoA.. coincidentally, my dad was on duty when she was brought in.. he immediately texted my mom and my brothers, so our family was one of the first to know..

you may wonder what exactly is the girl doing in such area.. well, my brothers can only assume that she and her classmates were doing their Noli Me Tangere video/comic book.. to the uninformed, every freshman class has to come up with either a comic book or a movie of the Rizal novel as a project in their Filipino class.. maybe the script called for filming in such location, tapos she went back a step too far..

please be reminded that the given explanation is just a speculation.. the official statement of the PSHS-CVC administration shall be given on monday's flag ceremony.. hope some undergrads will enlighten us on this issue in the future..

let us pray for the soul of K-Ann, her family, the PSHS-CVC family, and the poor professor who may be held accountable for what happened.. T_T

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

our safety engineering report turned out to be better than i had expected it to be..

minutes before our report, i was all panicky.. as in i can't recall what i'm supposed to say, i was shaking in my seat, i was sweating my ass off.. sobrang hindi ko na talaga alam ang gagawin ko..

then, aside from some technical difficulties, concepts which weren't explained properly, misconstructed sentences, and grammatical errors, the report turned out well..

i was even particularly proud of the slideshow i made kasi it was very professional.. kasi in some the past reports, the text size was too small so that it can accomodate all the text, or the presentaion contained almost the whole report, or the text color made the text almost impossible to read.. plus, yung theme na ginamit ko, ako ang gumawa using photoshop..

feeling ko lang ha: sir liked our report.. kasi naman it is his field of expertise.. he kept on feeding supplementary information so that the class can understand the report more..

sana naman mataas ang makuha namin na grade sa kanya.. anlaki ng part ng report and documentation sa final grade computation.. @_@

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there was a time when i was very addicted to Friendster.. not anymore..

from 470+ friends, i've cut it down to 394.. i laid off some acquaintances, double accounts, TV Show/Movie profiles, friendster groups, people i'm not really close to, and some whom i never liked from the start..

i should get a pat in the back for this.. hehe..


walang pasok sa sabado! woohoo!

me and my friends were actually planning to take advantage of Great Image's love month promo.. at long last, magkakaroon na rin kami ng matinong barkada pic..

can't wait for saturday!


i was amused with what i think is the nauusong slogan of my high school:

we're not weird.. we're just gifted..

onga naman.. go pisay! take that, marians!

[only pisayers and marians from Bayombong are involved in this, ha..]


my mom and my bro are here in manila until saturday, kasi they are finalizing my bro's UST admission papers, plus they're running some errands too..

my mom treated me to lunch today.. sana nag-suqui's nalang kami.. andami ko kasing nakain sa FMZ, e.. tsk..

nga pala, bunot ang hairstyle ni mico, although pinipilit nilang 'hindi lang daw nakasuklay ng maayos'..palusot pa sila e.. ah basta, natatawa ako sa buhok niya.. mwahaha..

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

out to save mankind.. not!

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kaarawan ng aking pinakamamahal na nanay ngayon..

Happy Birthday, Ma!


hindi nanaman ako matutulog ngayon gabi.. andami kong kailangang tapusin na mga requirements..

powerpoint presentation and documentation on electrical safety para sa safety engineering..
review of related literature and research matrix nung paper namin sa sociology..

sana lang hindi ako antukin sa humanities at electromagnetics classes ko bukas..

nubayan, wala pa ako sa kalahati, inaantok na ako.. sana lang matapos ko lahat 'to.. *yawn*

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Monday, February 20, 2006

this guy's modern rendition of Johann Pachelbel's Canon In D blew me away..

it may take a while to load it, but i promise it's worth all the wait.. i'm not much of a guitar enthusiast, but the way the kid amped up the already well-loved piece of Pachelbel is simply jaw-dropping..

hope you guys enjoyed it as much as i did..

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may balak kami ng friends ko na sumali sa teen edition.. pano ba naman, sa katapusan ng taon, 19 na kami, e di why not try it, di ba?

feeling ko pag nag-audition ako, matatanggap ako.. pero definitely hindi ako mananalo..

wouldn't get my hopes up, though.. asa naman ako.. Ü


hanggang ngayon hindi ko parin napapanood ang CLose To You..

nafru-frustrate ako.. t_ngina naman kasi, mauubos na pera ko, wala pa namang nagbabayad sakin ng utang.. T__T

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

kanina, while i was at the walls waiting for my sociology professor, napansin ko na there were kids na namamalimos from afar.. palapit sila ng palapit, hanggang sa yung isa, dumikit na sakin na parang linta.. hindi na ako linayuan nung loka..

e si ako naman, walang dalang barya.. iniwan ko yung wallet ko sa dorm, pati saktong P50 lang ang dinala ko pang load [nagastos ko na by that time].. so wala akong mabibigay dun sa bata.. aba'y anong malay kong may mamamalimos sakin..

i tried to ignore the kid, pero, hayun, hindi parin niya talaga ako tinitigilan.. tumagal yun hanggang dumating sa point na 'nagngangangawa' na siya sa harap ko..

si ako naman, napa-isip at biglang napangiti.. sabi ko nalang sa kanya:

bata, ang kulit mo.. wala nga akong perang dala.. teka, kung gusto mo, share-a-load nalang..

ayun, lumayo na siya.. :))

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

my life is always just a sketch, never a masterpiece..

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

hafi balentime's they, ebribadi!


it's valentine's day, and yet i do not have anyone to share it with.. so, to ease myself a little, i treated myself to a salad, some sweets, and the new Christian Bautista CD..


i've never seen a mall so jampacked.. i mean, people did not thrive malls like this when it was christmas or graduation season..

or maybe it's just me..


actually, i didn't really feel the essence of valentine's day today as much as last saturday..

i'm not really much of a follower of other people's love stories, but last saturday's episode of PBB, which showcased the housemates' first nomination night, was very saddening.. call me cheesey, but the moment i saw roxie's face when toni announced rico’s nomination, i was heart broken.. you can see that roxie felt the same way too, even though she nominated rico herself..

even before the announcement, the show focused on the two’s confession and reconciliation.. their story somehow uplifted me..

shame, the moment lasted only for a while..


two movies i’ve been anticipating will be shown tomorrow..

first one’s close to you.. sh_t, Bea’s just too beautiful and charming to resist!

next is brokeback mountain.. it’s intriguing because despite its nature, it has won many awards and has gotten great reviews.. even some of my friends recommend the movie..

pero siyempre i’ll first go for close to you, kasi brokeback won’t be shown in SM cinemas, e.. ^__^

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Monday, February 13, 2006

kakaalam ko lang na may blog pala si mico.. di ko in-expect na gagawa siya ng blog kasi sabi niya di siya marunong, pati wala siyang alam sa html/css codes..

tapos, hayun.. ewan ko kung paano ako napadpad sa blog niya.. actually, natatandaan ko na.. binuksan ko yung friendster ni colm [hello colm!], tapos nakita ko dun na updated yung blog ni mico.. hehe.. ang mabait na kuya, binubuksan ang friendster ng kapatid.. hehe..

buti nalang may blog na siya.. actually, nung umuwi ako sa amin, may nakita akong notebook sa sala namin.. nang buklatin ko yun, nagulat ako.. magaling pala magsulat ang kapatid ko.. sobra.. mas matino naman kasi siyang mag-journal kaysa kay colm..

kaya, mico, kung mabasa mo man ito, eto masasabi ko sa iyo: pag-uwi ko jan, promise ko, tutulungan kitang gumawa ng mas maayos na blog.. gusto ko kasing magkaroon ka ng magandang outlet para sa iyong literary pieces.. [pero ide-design ko yung blog sa oras mo ha.. hehe..]

kapag hindi mo naman mabasa ito, e di pasensyahan nalang.. walang libreng blog design.. *hagikgik*

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for two hours already, i've been attempting to recreate the TMS feel in my Friendster profile.. up to now i can't seem to change some things to make it look better..

i'm sooooo confused right now..

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earlier today i had my Humanities class.. we talked about Hinduism, and from there, our discussion branched out..


my prof said that Jesus Christ is the founder of Christianity.. is he really? i mean, how can he be the founder of something that existed even before his birth?

nagtatanong lang..


our prof also said that a principle of Hinduism is that Man creates his own destiny, and that Karma is dependent on the choices we make.. if one does something good, he gets something good in return..

hindi na yata ako maniniwala dito.. hindi naman magaganda ang pagtrato ng iba sakin, lalo na dun sa pinagpapasensyahan ko nalang sa ka-manhid-an..


another principle of Hinduism is Reincarnation.. totoo ba ito?

ewan ko lang, ha.. basta kung totoo man, feeling ko prosti ako sa past life ko..

feeling lang naman..


para sa akin, hindi kapani-paniwala ang sinabi ng prof ko na there are around 33 million gods daw in Hinduism, and that every object has a soul, ergo a respective god.. there are also gods for abstract things like events and emotions..

if so, that means there is a god of poop, a god of toilets, a god of water purifiers, a god of cellphones, a god of computers.. i could go on forever..

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

for so long i've waited for the right person to share my most intimate secrets to..

oh i'll be sooo looking forward to that day.. kailan kaya yun?

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

last night, while ordering at KFC:

miss, ano po ang order niyo?
isang no. 1 po..
chicken fillet combo po sakin..
nge! e di sana nag-no. 1 ka na lang.. ano ba pinagkaiba nun?
iba kasi sauce nung fillet.. pati walang buto yun..
mam, ano po yung order niyo: ordinary or ...
ah, original po..
ano pa ba meron?
akala ko kasi, fake!
o kaya naman imitation!
baka pirated!
*unimaginable laughter*
tangina, ang gulo natin!

buti nalang at walang sumita samin..Ü

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he's been acting very weird around me lately..

days ago, that seemed strange to me.. but then, the more i thought about it, the more it made sense.. now, i think he's been going through my things..

i think he snooped around my stuff [just like the time i saw him snooping on another person's], saw something that shouldn't have been there, and must have formulated something in his head..

the moment i confront him, i'll know..

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

geez, i still can't believe what happened at the ULTRA this morning..

let us pray for the repose of the victims of this tragedy..


i don't really support local cinema, most expecially those cutesie love stories, but this time i'm making an exception..

i'll watch Bea's Close To You.. sh_t, i get weak knees just seeing her smile..

only 11 days to go!

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

guys, i am in dire need of volunteers for our sociology paper..

see, we picked the topic on internet forums and forumites, and we need forumites to interview through Y!M.. the volunteers would be even more help to us if they fall under the following categories:
  • parents
  • homosexuals/bisexuals
  • former forumites
  • people who use forums as a social outlet
  • couples/lovers [a big plus if forums played a significant role in their relationship]
forumites who do not fall in any of the aforementioned categories are still huge help for us, so please let us know if you are willing to volunteer..

if you are interested, contact me by leaving me a message in my tagboard, texting me at +639156976639, PM-ing me through friendster, Y!M-ing me on monarch_mamba, or email-ing me at

thanks in advance!

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